The fascination of sports cars

Sports cars make the hearts of all sporty drivers beat faster. Their fascination lies in the combination of outstanding driving dynamics with reliable suitability for everyday use.

The compressed fascination of sports cars paired with a fascinating selection is contained in 9 letters: Wagon works

Competences & Services

Purchase & Sale

On average, we have a Selection of 40 exclusive sports cars.

We buy these mostly from our regular customer pool or through recommendations from our customers. We advise you fairly and transparently, offer prices in line with the market and understand that our customers bring a special demand with them. We have the necessary resources, expertise and know-how to handle fast, smooth and uncomplicated purchases and sales in a professional manner.

Likewise, we are constantly on the lookout for new sporty vehicles and will be happy to make you a fair offer for your sports car.

Showroom 3

& Leasing

We provide you with comprehensive advice and support on various financing options.

Both classic used car financing and the tax-relevant leasing of a sports car are business areas with which we are very familiar.

Through cooperation with the largest leasing and financing companies in Austria, we enable flexible and liquidity-preserving financing for your new sports car. 


Through our highest quality standards as well as professionally trained and meticulously accurate staff, we offer you protection on the level of a new car warranty when you buy.


So that you do not have to deal with the laborious marketing of your current sports car yourself, we will gladly take your vehicle in part exchange with us.

Quality from dedication

The name Wagenwerk stands for the highest quality. All with the aim of satisfying the customer at the highest level - the only level appropriate for the premium brand.

You could make it simple and say: Quality is Wagenwerk. In every respect, in all its characteristics, in its brand, in all its products and in its dealings with customers. Any more questions? Yes - a whole world of questions opens up. For example: What is so special about Wagenwerk quality? Why is it so good? How does it come about? How can it be experienced and felt? Everything leads to the central question: What exactly distinguishes Wagenwerk quality?

Faultlessness - no question about it - that's what every trading company of high-quality products strives for. Providing the perfect function. Aesthetically packaged. Perfectly manufactured and durable. Well thought-out and user-friendly. The free skate is the more of the brand: What else makes Wagenwerk stand out? How about 33 special quality seals? 33 characteristics that individually and in their sum distinguish what is special about Wagenwerk and emphasise the uniqueness of the brand and its products?


33 good reasons

You are probably wondering why you should come to us when it comes to buying a sports car?

Here are the 33 best reasons to choose us as your sports car partner:



You benefit from a wealth of experience gained through years of activity and expertise in the market.



Through a constantly rotating assortment, you will always get new interesting and unique sports cars from us.



We are a young, determined company always aiming for the best quality, you will be surprised!


Price/performance ratio

When selecting our vehicles, not only the best quality and optimal price/performance ratio are top selection criteria, but also buying from reputable sellers so that there are no nasty surprises for any of us.


One For All

Take advantage of the fact that you only have one contact person for all aspects of the vehicle purchase. For you, this means less coordination work and more time for your important tasks.


Handshake quality

Handshake quality is very important to us, because we also stick to verbal agreements.


Premium guarantee

We provide up to 3 years premium warranty on our vehicles.



In special cases, you would also like to draw on our special and expert knowledge. We are here for you.


Transport connection

Take advantage of the fast availability, as you can reach us quickly thanks to good transport connections.



Something can always happen, but don't worry: we always take care of problems or complaints quickly and unbureaucratically.



Take advantage of the opportunity to enquire about our friendly and qualified knowledge by telephone at any time.



They support the philosophy of healthy competition. This is not maintained by large corporations, but by small and medium-sized enterprises.



You will not find any seasonal or other dubious promotions that we invent for sales purposes.



You will be visited at a vehicle delivery/collection by nice, helpful staff who will support you and try to make everything possible.



You want a competent contact person on site for all your questions. We are available for you almost around the clock.



Fairness is not an advertising slogan for us, but a fundamental principle.



Our customer reviews speak for themselves, with us you will be well advised.



Our first customers are still our customers today. Long-term cooperation in a spirit of partnership is important to us.


Price/performance ratio

Our lean corporate structure means that we always have the best offer at the best price/performance ratio.


Customer satisfaction

We don't want to take decisions off your hands, but help you to make them in a way that you will still enjoy in a few years' time.



We continue to train for you. Regular training ensures that our employees have up-to-date knowledge at all times.



"Only those who burn themselves can ignite others" - the love of the automobile is our strength!



Fair and honest cooperation is a matter of course for us. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied.



A large and clearly laid out showroom offers you the opportunity to take a close look at your new vehicle. No matter what the weather.



You benefit from years of experience and from the clear structures in the company.



Because the special is not a problem for us, but a challenge!



You are on the safe side. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected by us. Wagenwerk Approved!



We offer flexible options for financing & leasing your dream car.



You benefit from a good working atmosphere of motivated and friendly employees.



Safety creates trust. True to this motto, every vehicle is inspected in detail by our test master and handed over in all conscience.



You have found your dream car with us and it has to go very quickly, we are spontaneous!



You can expect perfect quality, because that's all you get from us.



With our "one-stop service", we make your vehicle purchase much easier. With just one competent contact person, we conveniently realise your car purchase for you from the initial contact to delivery to your home.

"A garage without a Porsche 911 is a dull, empty hole," Walter Röhrl once said. 

The rally icon thus speaks from the soul of many car fans

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You can also rely on this dealer for warranty issues! Absolutely 1A!
Matthias Falkensteiner
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Professional and nice contact person, here you get excellent advice! Simply top!
Martin Skido
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Advice, service and completion of the purchase 1A. We have never bought a car so simply and straightforwardly.
Dr Thomas Klimt
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The sales process was serious, uncomplicated and yet designed in such a way that I, as the buyer, was fully aware of every detail. I felt very well looked after. Late in the evening, Mr Hinterberger even took the time to explain the car to me and hand it over. Wagenwerk as such a premium dealer is highly recommended!
Wolf Abarth 500
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Very competent, serious and leaves nothing to chance - a professional in his business. We will certainly buy a car from Wagenwerk again!

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